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21205 Pier Rd
Wheatley, ON
(519) 825-4694


Apartment Living

The Meadows of Wheatley offers apartment living with a carefree lifestyle to the maximum of desired independence. We offer comfort and security. The Meadows of Wheatley is a modern, one-storey building situated on beautifully landscaped grounds in a rural setting.

Apartment Features:

* Customize with your own decorating
* Independent
* Apartments within main building

* One level - no steps
* Use of home amenities
* Can purchase meal plans
* Welcome to purchase other outside
   agencies' activities

The Meadows of Wheatley has 12 spacious apartments each with a four piece bath, kitchenette, large living room, and one bedroom with closet. This variety of choice provides an individual with a close to home like feeling.

Each apartment includes:

* Four piece bath
* Kitchenette with stove and fridge
* Washer and dryer
* Large living room with closet
* One bedroom with closet
* Smoke and heat detectors
* Security entrance


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