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21205 Pier Rd
Wheatley, ON
(519) 825-4694


Meadows May 2020 Activities


Nestled among the beautiful, serene forest of Wheatley Provincial Park lies 8.8 acres of open meadows where The Meadows of Wheatley is located. The Meadows of Wheatley is like a village of its own, a place that's peaceful with songs of birds and well lit streets to provide pleasant walking, taking in the sweet smells of flowering bushes and flower gardens.

The Meadows of Wheatley provides individuals three carefree lifestyles to choose from:
* 22 private rooms & 10 suites
* 12 independent apartments
* 32 townhouses.

Come see our spacious townhouses and apartments for independent living, plus our retirement home for quality, safe and secure living.

The Meadows of Wheatley takes great pride being part of the Wheatley and surrounding communities.

Come visit us and see for yourself!


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